Winter Greenery


I like to keep fresh greens in the house during the winter months and often fill a basket with cuttings from the yard - balsam, fir, and cedar are easy to source, and winterberry branches add a festive touch along with pinecones and red dogwood twigs. 

To make a similar arrangement, line a basket with a plastic bag and add pre-soaked foam. Arrange your branches on a work surface and cut to desired lengths; removing needles from the lower branches will make it easier for you to push into the foam. Combine greens any way you like best, and add the berries and cones as an accent at the end. 

A basket like this looks great on a hallway table or as a centerpiece for a fondue party. Keep the foam moist and the greens will last for a couple weeks. Don't have room? Any container that holds water will work - a cereal bowl, a Mason jar, or even a small teacup.


What to Use

  • Boxwood

  • Spruce

  • False Cypress

  • red twig dogwood

  • winterberry holly

  • birch branches

Get creative with evergreens and learn how to identify and use confiers in your home garden in my upcoming hands-on class February 6th - visit the WORKSHOPS page on this site for more information.